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Review 1

Mrs Horsley - BMW 120d Se - **58 *** 
He saw us whilst driving past. He said that the overall site presentation was good, and that the sales department was also very good. "Jamie the salesman was especially helpful." He would recommend us to a friend.

Review 2

Miss Nicholls - BMW 118d SE - **08 *** 
She found us on autotrader, and thought that we were very easy to find, so she came down to take a better look at our stock. The site layout was very good, so she was able to find the car that she wanted easily. "Both sales and handover departments were very good. The staff very friendly and helpful. I would recommend to a friend."

Review 3

Mr Mallins - BMW 320d se - **60 *** 
He found one of our adverts on autotrader, and since the car was a bargain, he came down to view it. When he arrived, he was impressed with the huge quantity of cars that we had available. The fact that we were easy to find was a bonus. The good site layout was good, and he was very impressed with the large amount of used BMW's that we have. "Both sales and handover departments were very good, I will be back again, and I would recommend to a friend."

Review 4

Mr Osmond - BMW 320d M Sport - **10 *** 
Having found us on the internet, he thought we were situated in a location that was very easy to find, so drove down to see what we had in stock. He then found the overall site layout was good, and once he had purchased a vehicle, he found the handover procedure was very good too. The final vehicle presentation of the vehicle was again rated as good by Mr Osmond. He would recommend to us to a friend.

Review 5

Mr D Shanghavi - BMW 525d se auto - **60 *** 
Once he had found us on th internet, he thought it would be a good idea to pop down and see the cars that we had in stock as we are very easy to find. Once he arrived, he immediately saw that site presentation was very good. Once he had chosen a his 5 series, the sales process was perfect, "no complaints". The handover was also very good, so he would happily recommend Big Motoring World to a friend.

Review 6

Mr Haines - BMW 320d SE - **08 *** 
Another person that found one of our many adverts on autotrader. As most people do, when he arrived, he found that the site presentation was excellent. The sales process was excellent, the salesman was very helpful. AND...The handover procedure was great! "I would certainly recommend to friends."

Review 7

Mr Athisayanathan - Mercedes E280 - **08 *** 
He saw the current TV advert, and since it seemed that we were very easy to find, he came along to see what we had for himself. The site presentation impressed him, and he found the vehicle that he was after. At this point, he then found both the finance, and sales departments were excellent, "thanks Mohammed & Ching". The handover was also good, so it was a good experience all round. "Would 100% recommend to a friend."

Review 8

Mrs Belby - BMW 320d M Sport - **10 *** 
After a search in the internet, Mrs Belby found us. On her visit she commented on the sales and finance teams were good and very helpful. This was folllowed by a  good handover process, that was quick and easy. She would definitly recommend us to a friend.

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Mr Goode decided a BMW 318 Saloon was the car for him, after he was recommended to us by a friend.

He commented on how the handover procedure was good & that he was impressed with final vehicle presentation. On leaving he stated that he would recommend us to a friend.


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